Lady Lucy's Quest

The Power of the Possible

Lady Lucy's Quest

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A Lady Lucy Prequel

In this story, youngsters are introduced to Lucy and some of her animal friends. Lucy goes in search of a giraffe, one animal she has never seen. Through simple word use, repetition, and hide-and-seek, this book will become a favorite. The story also messages the importance of respecting diversity at all levels. Read more ...

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Welcome to the Lady Lucy’s Quest website. Lady Lucy is a feisty heroine who wants to be a Knight. She is told that girls can’t be Knights, but she is not deterred and goes on a quest to become a Knight. And, she succeeds.

But, how she succeeds is what really matters as she passes the three tests of knighthood.

Lady Lucy’s Quest has a message for children of all ages: believe in the power of the possible. And, since all of us have quests in our lives, this book is designed to encourage all of us to pursue our dreams, even in the face of considerable hurdles.

Saratogo Signing 2The illustrations were done by two high school students, So Young Jang and Jasmine Shin. Their remarkable art animates the Lady Lucy story with amazing images, stunning color and extraordinary depth.

The book is dedicated to Lady Lucy’s everywhere. If you have a dream, this is a book that will support your journey.

Take Lady Lucy with you on your own journey as an inspiration and as evidence that dreams can come true.




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