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Early Childhood Education: What Is Its Goal?

Reposted from — May 25, 2016 I vividly remember one preschool open house I attended in Manhattan, although it occurred more than 30 years ago. After the school’s director gave a short presentation on the school’s philosophy and approach, it was time for questions. One parent asked: Will my child learn to read or […]

What I Learned Reading at Horton’s Kids

Reposted from LinkedIn — Apr 2, 2016 I recently read my new children’s book, Lady Lucy’s Quest, to a group of girls at Horton’s Kids. I think the kids truly enjoyed the story and its message: you can follow your dreams and succeed, especially when you use creative, innovative problem solving strategies. They read the […]

Meet Lady Lucy, the Heroine of My New Book

Reposted from LinkedIn — Mar 8, 2016 On International Women’s Empowerment Day, I wanted you all to meet Lady Lucy! She’s the feisty heroine of my new children’s book, and she wants to become a Knight of the Round Table. Does she succeed? You bet she does! The illustrations are by two amazing female high […]