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The Power of the Possible

Lady Lucy's Quest
So, here’s my story for today — and its only 9:24 am on the East Coast.

(Originally Posted at So, here’s my story for today — and its only 9:24 am on the East Coast. I launched a weeklong online auction, Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Auction. It ends August 5th at noon. Folks bid on giraffe, many of which appear in Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey. Here’s the auction site. (click to […]

Early Childhood Education: What Is Its Goal?

Reposted from — May 25, 2016 I vividly remember one preschool open house I attended in Manhattan, although it occurred more than 30 years ago. After the school’s director gave a short presentation on the school’s philosophy and approach, it was time for questions. One parent asked: Will my child learn to read or […]

What I Learned Reading at Horton’s Kids

Reposted from LinkedIn — Apr 2, 2016 I recently read my new children’s book, Lady Lucy’s Quest, to a group of girls at Horton’s Kids. I think the kids truly enjoyed the story and its message: you can follow your dreams and succeed, especially when you use creative, innovative problem solving strategies. They read the […]

Meet Lady Lucy, the Heroine of My New Book

Reposted from LinkedIn — Mar 8, 2016 On International Women’s Empowerment Day, I wanted you all to meet Lady Lucy! She’s the feisty heroine of my new children’s book, and she wants to become a Knight of the Round Table. Does she succeed? You bet she does! The illustrations are by two amazing female high […]

The Challenge to get Books into the Hands of Kids

I think there is general agreement that reading to, by and with kids is beneficial on a myriad of levels.  For starters, reading builds language skills and encourages imagination.  It creates intimacy between the reader and the child.  It is an opportunity for conversation about the book read and the issues raised.  The earlier reading […]