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Lady Lucy's Quest


Upcoming Book Releases:

There are several sequels in the works: Lady Lucy’s Unicorn Quest (due out in Fall 2018) Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Gambit (co-authored with Marc Wine) and illustrated with photos. (Due out ON June 21, 2018)

The giraffe book is co-branded with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and a portion of the book’s profits go to this organization. They have also reviewed the book for technical accuracy. The website of the Foundation is: This book will be released on World Giraffe Day: June 21, 2018 to much fanfare and celebration.

There will also be an auction of the giraffe collection (giraffes in different media – glass, beads, wood, ceramic, plastic, bottle caps, metal, fabric. The proceeds of the auction (with each winner getting their giraffe on which they bid) will go to purchase the books for schools serving low income children in US and abroad.

The next book in the series in Lady Lucy’s Peace Quest (due out in 2019).


Radio Appearnces

Karen Gross appeared on FOUR radio shows related to the sequel – Lady Lucy’s Dragon Quest on Thursday, March 8, 2018. Three were live; one was recorded.


Video Clips

‘Lady Lucy’ Author Karen Gross



Conversations: Karen Gross, “Lady Lucy’s Dragon Quest” – Kansas Public Radio Appearance


Budgeting is a Statement of Values

Lady Lucy’s Quest to be used as part of a year-long educational project with 5th graders at Molly Stark School in Bennington, VT.

Former SVC President Speaks with Students about New Book

‘Lady Lucy’ Author gives Reading at Molly Stark School

In The Author’s Voice: Lady Lucy’s Quest

Former Senior Policy Advisor at US Dept. of Education Karen Gross – Total Education Network

Former Senior Policy Advisor at US Dept. of Education Karen Gross

Reading of Lady Lucy’s Quest that at Tampa Prep School in Tampa